TMJ Treatments

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If the tests performed by our TMJ dentists determine that your bite should be adjusted to a more optimal occlusion (bite), you will be given an appliance called an orthotic to keep your new bite in position. This orthotic differs from a splint or bite guard in that the orthotic is custom created from a mold taken of your teeth in the optimal bite position. Traditional splints and bite guards do not correct the bite.

You may wear this orthotic as an interim step to confirm that this new jaw position solves or reduces the problem. If it does solve your problem, then you may continue to use the orthotic as a non-permanent device, or you may elect to have your natural teeth treated to permanently maintain this new bite position.

If your symptoms do not resolve as a result of the orthotic, your natural bite has not been altered and other causes may then be further explored with Dr. Kwan or Dr. Hsu.

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