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When writing about my smile it’s hard to know where to start, first a little about me. My name is Shanon Glezen; I am a military spouse, mother of three, and Ms. East Coast Globe 2006.

I have never concentrated on my physical appearance, as every one does I have “quirks” I would like to change, but I came to accept them long ago-they are part of who I am. With each child I spent less time focusing on my appearance and just tried to stay caught up with day to day activities and chores.

When the opportunity to get my smile makeover came I was admittedly hesitant. I was nervous to fly across the country to see a dentist - I cringe when its time just to get my teeth cleaned. However, with the opportunity there I couldn't get the flaws with my smile out of my head. I had a great smile, I used it often, but it was very gummy and as an adult I would “half smile” to avoid focusing on it. Suddenly that was all I could think about and I knew I wanted it changed.

After talking to Dr. Kwan at Nu Smile I knew that my journey would be well worth it. The process is certainly not instant gratification, but with help from a great staff and MAC Veneers we were able to complete my smile makeover prior to competing in the Ms US Globe Pageant in Palm Springs, California. What an exciting adventure it became.

I was able to walk with my head high and smile bright amongst a sea of beautiful women. I felt like I belonged and that my smile reflected my personality for the judges. However, no tiara could compare to the life long change my smile has made.

I can’t express what my smile has truly done for me because there are no words. I can say it has made me smile bigger and more freely. That despite my other “quirks” my smile is now not one of them.

Shanon Glezen

Dear Doctors and Staff:

Dr. Kwan was recommended to me by a friend for my son who needed veneers. He listened, explained completely and answered any questions we had. And, my son's teeth look beautiful!

While here with my son, I mentioned problems I was having with a sensitive tooth. He offered to look at it…and I too, became a patient! It's the first time I went to a dentist where I wasn't nervous. He pays attention to your comfort level. Everyone in the office takes good care of you. It's almost like a spa setting-music of your choice to listen to during your procedure, pillows, blankets and a warm towel afterwards. Completely professional atmosphere, but comforting as well. And, my sensitive tooth is so much better! I will highly recommend Dr. Kwan and his staff to anyone!
Rhonda C

I had lived with incomplete and/or ill repaired dental work most of my life. The decade prior to coming to Nu Smile included a very disappointing attempt at cosmetic attention to my life long struggle with my oral care. Unfortunately the teeth were poor fitting and due to the procedures of “old school” dentistry (i.e. section by section) the front teeth did not match the sides. The sides were so badly receding and breaking I never smiled!

This was particularly an issue as I teach performance art and voice. Not to smile or open my mouth fully to sing without extreme shame has been difficult for me. Dr. Kwan and all the staff at Nu Smile are so encouraging. First he recognized that due to my years of mismatched dental work my bite was very misaligned. After diagnosis and an orthotic treatment, he recommended reconstruction of my uppers. I now have a mouth that works! Not only am I waiting for my beautiful new top teeth, I have decided to do this right and do my lowers!

I am in plastic temporaries but I can smile for the first time in 10 years! People are asking me if I beached my teeth! I have a bite! My lower jaw, which was receding badly, is now back where it belongs! I can't wait for my permanents to come in, but even now I'm so blessed, grateful, and pleased I met Dr. Kwan, Heather, and everyone at Nu Smile!

Thank You! Love, Nina J.

[My TMJ] started years ago. I didn't even know I had it. One doctor said I had arthritis. I have been around, and nobody, nobody, has corrected TMJ [problems] with dentistry. Most of the time they say “surgery”. The symptoms I had were “Snapping, popping, and clenching of the jaws. I had headaches that were shooting from the neck up.” I had all of the symptoms – the popping, the snapping, and the clenching of the jaws, the headaches, the ringing of the ears. Life now is wonderful. I feel so much more at ease. I feel good. I don't have all those symptoms anymore. Here they are able to do this by putting veneers on and building your teeth up to correct your problem so not only do you get a beautiful smile, but it corrects your problem. When you have a beautiful smile you are going to exude confidence. You can't help it. Even if your face is made up, if you have beautiful teeth, it's amazing how much more you smile. It's such a wonderful experience we didn't even care about the cost because the expense was nothing compared to how you are treated by everybody [at Nu Smile]. It's a relaxing atmosphere, it's wonderful, and you can't even associate it with a dentist's office. It's been a beautiful experience for my family and me. I seek perfection and they gave perfection! We love it! We won't even go anywhere else. Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu are wonderful!

Mary G.

Dear Doctors and Staff:

….Since becoming a patient at Dr. Kwan's dental office, I actually enjoy my experience- candles, soft music, blankets, pillows, warm towelettes, coffee, tea, water, cookies…and I am also treated as a friend. I experienced no pain while my teeth were being worked on…Laughter, jokes and a genuine interest in me makes me happy to have chosen Dr. Kwan as my dentist. And my teeth look great! Thank you Dr. Kwan!

Carol L

My experience with Dr. Kwan and his staff was worth every penny! If you have ever considered changing your smile, don't put it off.

For many years I had considered veneers, but I never took the time to find out about the process or the available financing. I just kept putting it off. Heather and Dr. Kwan made me feel so comfortable at the consultation that I knew right away I wanted them to be a part of changing my life.

How wonderful is it to not have to put my hand in front of my mouth when I smile? It's SO wonderful!! No more yellow or crooked teeth. I have a Hollywood smile and love showing it off!

Thanks Dr. Kwan,

Pamela Rae M.

“Not all dentists are created equal”

“Growing up poor and lost my teeth at age twelve due to no proper knowledge and dental care in a third world country was my only regret in my adult life. Fitted for denture and later bride in USA 16 years ago. I disliked the look and feel of the bridge immediately, but was told that was the best he could do. Been through many dentists due to unsatisfactory experiences and drifted for many years. Knowing that not all dentists are created equal. Finding Dr. Kwan in 2003 was the best experience of my life long quest for dental improvement. I recognized his ability, extensive knowledge and always in pursue of advancement in dentistry has assured me of my transformation from a self conscious, self doubting of yellow and misaligned front bridge to a better quality, much, much whiter teeth, more natural, finer facial look with a brilliant smile. Dr. Kwan and his staff treated me with almost friendliness. I am very happy and grateful to have this long sought smile transformation done by Dr. Kwan. To all of you out there, Dr. Kwan can and will make transformation of your smile. Please do not short change yourself. Be transformed, be dazzled, with your new smiles.”

Seau Fong F.

Dear Dr. Kwan,

Funny you should send me a letter asking about the effect of my new smile!  I was thinking it had been a while and I should stop in and see you all.  It was a thoroughly worthwhile experience, having a smile makeover with you and your staff.  From the first visit with Heather, I felt instantly comfortable with this major decision I was making.   I choose you because I knew if [Jason D] was pleased with the process, surely I would be!  (Ha, Ha.)

I receive several compliments daily on the beauty of my smile.  Mostly, people inquire how I have such a bright white smile, and want to know how they too can have one.  It is awkward sometimes, because it doesn't always feel right to tell people they are veneers!  But to family and friends of course, I refer to your practice with great ease.

I am very confident with my new smile and love the fact that I don't need to fuss around with lipstick as often, because no matter what color lipstick I choose, my teeth look as white as can be.  The other thing that is important to me is that my smile appears very natural, and no one has ever asked if my teeth were real or veneers. As I mentioned before, a friend of mine has veneers that are so white they are blue and are not natural looking in the least.  People approach me and simply ask if I bleach my teeth or don't drink coffee.  Strangers approach me daily and it always boosts your self-esteem to receive compliments about your smile.

The process of having veneers is a lengthy one, but it is well worth the effort, time, and money.  I can't believe it has been a year since I started the process.  My oldest son wants teeth like mine, he tells me daily!  My baby is almost two, if you can believe that...and he is so much fun!

Thank you for giving me such confidence.  I have the confidence to smile brightly at every given opportunity, and I love all of the compliments I receive.  I do feel guilty when I don't share my secret with every stranger, but I feel bad if I don't think they can afford it!  Lucky for me, I work for a company with great benefits.

I hope all is well with you, Heather, and Stephanie.


Jennifer C.

I have been scared to death of the dentist after very traumatic experiences from my youth. My fears were so great that once I was on my own, I saw a dentist only when a problem arose and only did a regular checkup once in 10 years. A friend that said she thought I would really enjoy my experience referred me to Nu Smile. I laughed and thought, “How could I enjoy anything related to a dental visit” – but she was right.

From the beginning I was approached in a non-threatening manner and never once did I feel condescending attitudes at my lack of care. The entire staff was friendly and did everything to make sure my experience was a success. The lack of pain I felt during every visit was my greatest comfort, but all the little touches at the office were awesome – from the music, massage chairs, to blankets – everything was like being at a day spa. What a positive experience!! Thank You

Chris C.

Dear Dr. Hsu, Dr. Kwan, Heather, and Stephanie:

Thank you all for doing such a great job when I was there both times getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I felt really good having you all there.


Amanda B