Problem With Old Metal Filling

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If you are experiencing sensitivity in any of your teeth, you may be having a problem with an old metal filling that needs to be replaced. Generally, most dentists do not like to replace fillings until necessary, but many people are either experiencing some discomfort or are bothered by the unsightly cosmetic appearance of old metal fillings.

Whatever the reason, rest assured that today's technology offers new porcelain / tooth colored fillings that can be matched to the color of you tooth, for a seamless restoration.

If the tooth is unstable or the cavity is too large to replace with a filling, a porcelain inlay/onlay can be prepared to maintain the integrity of the tooth.

For more information, read porcelain / tooth colored filling FAQ's.

Call or email us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kwan or Dr. Hsu if you are experiencing any problems with old metal fillings. They will discuss your options,
and deliver a treatment plan that is right for you.