Tooth Crowns and Teeth Bridges

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For patients who are missing teeth, there are many options available today to help them regain a healthy, beautiful smile. One of these options is the custom creation of tooth crowns and teeth bridges. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth, and are permanently attached to the surrounding teeth. The teeth that support the bridge are called abutments/crowns and the missing teeth are called pontics.

When creating a bridge for a patient, it is critical that the abutments are healthy, because they will have to support the chewing process of all of the teeth. It is the health of these abutment teeth that will determine the success of a fixed bridge.

Fixed bridges do require extra maintenance, since flossing is more difficult between the abutment and the pontic teeth. Therefore routine dental care is crucial in ensuring a long lifespan for a bridge. If maintained properly, bridges can last up to 10 years, and sometimes longer.

The procedure for a fixed bridge is as follows:

  • Prepare the abutment teeth by shaping and reducing to make room for the abutment crowns.
  • A first impression is made and sent to a dental lab for the fabrication of the bridge.
  • During this time, a temporary resin bridge will be made for the patient to protect the abutment teeth.
  • A color match of the bridge is made to the other existing teeth.
  • The porcelain teeth are made to match the existing teeth in both color and shape.
  • Depending on each unique situation, the bridge fabrication may be a single visit utilizing CEREC.
  • Finally, the end product is tried on for fit and bite, and any bite adjustments are made and then bonded into the patient's mouth.

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