Laser Dentistry Questions

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Will I experience any pain with laser dentistry?

No. In most cases, pain is either eliminated entirely or significantly reduced as a result of the lasers selective, precise control. With laser dentistry, one of the fundamental advantages is the minimal requirement for anesthetic. When performing many of the procedures, the laser minimizes harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, eliminates bleeding through cauterization, and reduces pain, in many procedures to the degree that no anesthetic is required. Lasers also promote faster healing and less post-operative inflammation, which minimizes the discomfort associated with the healing process.

Are lasers approved for both hard and soft tissue applications?

Yes. There are several lasers approved for both hard and soft tissue dental applications on adults and children.

Are Lasers Safe?

Yes. In the hands of a qualified laser dentist, lasers are very safe. As with any device used in the dental practice, the dentist must undertake the appropriate training. The primary safety measure required during
laser surgery is protective eyewear.

Even though lasers are somewhat new to the general dental practice, dental lasers were first introduced in the 1960's and years of qualified research and a multitude of published reference papers substantiate the safety of dental lasers. The FDA has approved several different hard and soft laser dentistry applications, including use on adults and children.

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