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(916) 292-5588How do I get my porcelain crowns?

Porcelain tooth crown placement requires at least 2 visits. Your tooth is prepared and shaped, and then impressions are taken and sent to a dental lab. The lab will make a model from your impressions, and then craft a crown to fit over your tooth. This customized crown is then bonded to your tooth using a high intensity light, covering it completely. New technology allows us to create crowns entirely from porcelain and not porcelain fused to metal, resulting in a seamless gum line. This type of tooth bonding creates no dark gray line that is seen at the gumline like with other materials and technologies.

(916) 292-5588Why would someone need a porcelain crown?

Over the years, teeth may weaken, chip, or crack due to injury or decay. Porcelain crowns are strong, custom made restorations that are bonded over the tooth to strengthen and protect it.

Should I be extra careful with my porcelain crowns?

Actually, porcelain crowns are so strong and durable, that they can exceed the biting capacity of natural teeth. Even so, you need to use the same precautions
that you would otherwise use for your normal, healthy teeth.

Is it painful to bond a porcelain crown?

Other than a little sensitivity to the area for a few days, the tooth bonding procedure itself is comfortable.

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