Crowns and Tooth Bonding

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Tooth crowns used to be made of various different materials, including metal and porcelain fused to metal, often leaving an unsightly dark gray area at the gum-line. Now, we have the technology to create your teeth crown entirely from porcelain. Some of the benefits of porcelain teeth crowns are:

  • All porcelain crowns are translucent, like your normal natural teeth, so they look great!
  • An all porcelain crown is custom made and is bonded to your tooth, covering / protecting it completely
  • They can repair and strengthen damaged teeth, and can also be used to improve discolored or misshapen teeth
  • They help stop the spread of decay and correct structural damage
  • Because of the inherent strength of porcelain, and the tooth bonding that is used, these porcelain crowns will last longer

If you would like more information, please read our porcelain crowns and tooth bonding FAQ's.

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